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Welcome To Little Bee

Little Bee was objective of setting high travel standards and facilitating attractive Tour packages for travelling and also for corporate needs. We are a widely recognized travel and tours company in mannarkudi, which is trusted by many for their travel requirements. With vast industry knowledge and an acute understanding of how to deliver the perfect holiday experience, we truly specialize in what we do.

Our Services

Corporate Tie Up

With corporate tie ups we will be providing cars for your clients and employees. We use automated systems to route our fleet which helps reduce the travel time for employees from their home to office and back. With efficient routing we also consume less fuel, hence less pollution.


If the customer needs a car for local use,the car service is provided. Any extra hour and extra km is charged at the rate applicable for that car in that particular city.

Tours and Travel

An experienced team who suggest you, guide you, educate you and redefine Travel for you. Our team of Holiday planners assist you with their expertise in planner your vacation to perfection. So next time you plan a holiday with your family & friends or corporate